A Brief History of Lampeter Church of the Brethren

The Lampeter Church of the Brethren was established by the Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren and the Atlantic Northeast District.

Our First Worship Service

The first worship service was held in the Lampeter Fire Hall on Sunday, April 2, 1978.

Lampeter Fellowship

In October of 1978, District Conference officially recognized Lampeter as a Church of the Brethren fellowship.

Forty-nine members were received into the Fellowship on December 31, 1978.

Early Leadership

The Rev. Earl K. Ziegler, Pastor of the Mechanic Grove church, served Lampeter as part-time Pastor for the first few months and later became the congregation’s first Moderator. Part-time Pastors provided the ministry until the Rev. Curtis W. Dubble became the congregation’s first full-time Pastor on May 1, 1980.

Rev. Earl K. Ziegler pictured on right.

Lampeter's First Church Building

On April 5, 1981, Lampeter held its first worship service in the new church building at 1900 Lampeter Road and celebrated its third anniversary with a membership totaling 120.

Going Strong!

Under the leadership of the Rev. John D. Hostetter, Senior Pastor, Lampeter celebrates 40+ years as a congregation while the Church of the Brethren as a denomination celebrates more than 300 years.