Discipleship Ministry

Our Christian education classes on Sundays and Wednesdays are designed to help you take your next step in your spiritual journey of Knowing God, Loving Others and Serving the World. Whether you're just starting your journey or have been traveling this path for a long time, we offer classes which will inform and inspire you in your relationship with God.

These classes provide opportunities to learn and to connect with others through study, prayer, and discussion. Following are the classes that will are currently offered. All classes are open. The Discipleship Ministry Team appreciates your suggestions for future classes. 

Sunday Adult Classes

10:00 - 11:00 AM

April, & May 2020


Below are the courses to be offered when this crisis passes...

Good Questions Bible Study, 1 & 2 Peter

Bob Frick & Matt Cooper

Room 410

1 Peter talks much on suffering and criticizes "false teachers" who distort the authentic, apostolic tradition, and predicts judgement for them.  2 Peter talks a lot about knowledge and explains that God is patient and has not yet brought the Second Coming of Christ in order that more people will have the chance to reject evil and find salvation.  Application is woven throughout each lesson, which consists of questions guaranteed to motivate the class to think and to talk.  Each question is footnoted with answers taken from some of the best commentaries ever written, including John MacArthur and Warren Wiersbe, and insightful writers, such as Billy Graham, Beth Moore, and John Piper.  Great illustrations and stories make the lessons come alive.  Expect lively discussion throughout this meaningful Bible Study.

Money and Possessions by Kay & David Arthur (40-Minute Bible Studies)

Barb Forney

Room 307

In this six-week study, you will discover God's view of material wealth.  As you dig into the Scriptures, you will learn where money comes from, you will see how we are supposed to handle it, and you will understand how to live an abundant life regardless of your financial circumstances.  This study requires no preparation before the class.  Discussion along with Scripture are key parts of this study. 

Like No Other by Tony Evans

Dennis Emmert

Room 305

Jesus Christ is central to the Christian faith.  That statement may seem obvious, but even Christians need a constant reminder that everything in our faith is built upon the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Every aspect of Jesus' life - from His birth to His current exalted state - is unique from any other person.  His uniqueness means His life and character merit our fullest attention and, because He is uniquely God, His life and character greatly impact our lives. 

New Members Class

Pastor Christopher Shelly

Room 303

This class will be offered for anyone who may be new to Brethren beliefs, anyone who is a new member or anyone who is considering membership.  The course introduces the fundamental beliefs of Lampeter Church of the Brethren, Brethren history in the context of the reformation and the radical reformation periods.  The course includes an overview of the Bible, theology, church history, and Lampeter's approach to living emotionally healthy spiritual lives.  

 *Portions of the above descriptions are copied or paraphrased from published product descriptions and promotional materials.

Wednesday Adult Classes 

6:30 - 7:45 PM

Please note:  GriefShare will meet until April 1.  All other classes are cancelled due to COVID-19.

Grief Share

Facilitator: Kim Nielsen and Marie Roach, Room 303

Grief Share is a special seminar and support group for people grieving the loss of someone close. This group will meet during WNH and through April 1. Be with people who understand what you are experiencing and want to offer you comfort and encouragement. Each session consists of a video with insights, personal stories, and dramatic reenactments about the grief process, discussion, and sharing experiences, all of which help you organize and clarify your thoughts on what is happening to you and allow others to understand how they can help you along your grief journey. (Portions copied and/or paraphrased from Grief Share promotional materials.)