Open Door After School Program


Our goal at Open Door After School Program is to provide a safe and comfortable environment to help children thrive. Our wish is to create an area in our community that provides a welcoming environment. We want to create opportunities to aid in development, such as growing deeper friendships, providing assistance in educational experiences, hands-on experiences and providing fun, active chances to help aid in growth. Our philosophy is to meet every child where they are at.


Program Details:

This program is for 6th and 7th grade students.  It will run parallel to the L-S School District Calendar. It will be available Monday-Thursday each week from 3-6 PM. On early dismissal days, the program will run from 12:30-6 PM. When the L-S School District is closed, the program will not be open. Transportation will be provided by the Open Door After School Program from the Martin Meylin Middle School to Lampeter Church of the Brethren, where the program will be held. The cost of the program is $3.50/hour. Payments will be due based on the number of hours which are reserved through the Registration Form. Scholarships are available for those who may financially need some assistance. Please contact our office at 717-464-2050, to discuss different options. We want everyone to be able to be a part of the program!


Program Opportunities:

This program will offer fun learning enhancements, which may include snacks, homework time, crafts, recreational games, sports, and opportunities to develop and learn specific skills. Opportunities may include mechanical, construction, knitting, medical/emergency responders or other trade skills. 


Important things to know:

Identification and signing out will be required to pick up your student. Also, your name must be present on the Authorization/Emergency Contact Form in order to pick up your student. Forms must be completed and handed in upon entry into the program. Transportation, in a van, will be provided by the director and assistant director of Open Door. There will be a designated pick up spot at Martin Meylin Middle School for your child to meet the director. A sign will be placed outside the door of the church where you are to pick up your student.  If you have any more questions or concerns about this program (i.e., cost or transportation), please contact or 717-464-2050.


Printable Authorization Form

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Online Registration Form

Printable Emergency Contact Form

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